New 55 GAL Poly Nested Open Head w/ Lever Lok Ring UN RatedReturn to Featured Products

UN RATING 1H2/Y165/S and 1H2/Z260/S
  • These drums are extremely strong and rigid, yet far lighter than steel drums for easier handling and savings on shipping costs.
  • Their tapered design allows nesting of empty drums for economical transportation and storage.
  • The patented bumper feature protects the integrity of filled drums and provides easy de-nesting for reuse.
  • There is no inner liner to crack or fracture, eliminating a source of contamination.
  • These drums come with a lever lock.
  • These drums are fully compliant with dot/un and other appropriate regulations.
  • They can be cleaned, reconditioned and reused, lowering the total system cost associated with packaging.
  • Reconditioned Available

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Dimensions: 19.3 x 19.3 x 36.8 in
Weight: 23.5 tbs