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Founded in 1999, Containerbuyers represents over 100 years of Industrial Container Management services. We carry a full line of new and reconditioned containers ranging in size from half-gallons to 330 gallons. Products include plastic, steel, and fiber containers along with accessories. Containerbuyers also prides itself on its Industrial Container Management services, individually designed for each customer. Containerbuyers is your premier one-stop industrial container store. Call us today!

Michael J. Bank is Containerbuyers' founder, President, and CEO. Michael is the fourth generation of his family working in the Industrial Container Industry. He has spent his entire life surrounded by the industry, giving him an unmatched knowledgable base. After attending Michigan State University (Go Green!), Michael began his formal business career managing the largest steel drum reconditioning facility in the nation. Here he helped create the first drum management program in America with General Motors. From reconditioning to new containers, to establishing container management programs for companies across the United States, Michael has been involved in all aspects of the Industrial Container Industry. Throughout the past four decades, Michael has remained a sitting Board Member of the Reusable Industrial Packing Association (RIPA), the largest trade association in the industry.

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