New 15 Gal. Poly Tight Head Natural UN Rated

UN Rating: 1h1/y1.6/100

Our plastic drums (also called barrels) are made from high density polyethylene to meet the harsh demands of both hazardous and non-hazardous products. these drums are extremely strong and allo...

New 330 Gal. IBC Poly Tote UN Rated

UN Rating: 3H1/Y

Let Containerbuyers recondition your IBC tote fleet!
Reconditioned available!

New 5 Gal. Poly Open Head White w/ Screw Lid UN Rated

Closure Instructions:  Plastic Screw Lid
Material: High Density Polyethlylene (HDPE)
Plastic Pail (bucket) Size: 5 GAL.
Plastic Pail (Bucket) Pallet Quantity:  168 Per Pallet
Plastic Pail (Bucket) Pallet We...

New 55 Gal. Poly Nested Open Head w/ Lever Lok Ring UN Rated

UN RATING 1H2/Y165/S and 1H2/Z260/S

These drums are extremely strong and rigid, yet far lighter than steel drums for easier handling and savings on shipping costs.
Their tapered design allows nesting of emp...