Bung Wrench

This is a universal drum wrench made from aluminum alloy.  Use for 2” and ¾” drum closures

Easy Action 20055PP Drum Pump

2" Poly Bung, Coarse Threaded

2" Course Threaded Bung for Plastic Container

2" Poly Bung, Fine Threaded

2"  Poly-VISEGRIP Plug for Plastic Container

Fine Threaded
HDP (engineered reinforced)
promotes reconditioning and reuse of container
satisfies 178.605 PKG group hydrostatic testing requirement 

3/4" Poly Bung

¾” Poly Bung is specifically designed for plastic containers.  NPT Threaded, incorporated is a ¾” threaded opening with a faucet carrier, natural in color, comes with a gasket, HDP engineered, applies a reliable sea

3/4" Steel Bung

Plug used for steel container, rust resistant, zinc plated.